Yorkhull CC

Who would believe that this shy and introverted young man would come on tour with relative strangers and stay for so long. (I blame myself really for inviting him - Ed) Never one to push himself his application for one of the Cricketers of the Lakes arrived within hours of leaving Tickhill. Amazingly in his application he does not mention Devon Malcolm instead Geoffrey's inspiration and development of his cricketing nouse is attributed to Douglas Yeabsley. (This is not a misprint -Ed)
 Born 27th of July 1953 deliberately so that every two years or so we would have to celebrate his birthday on tour, GEOFFREY ALLEN SEAMAN arrived in the world. Nurtured by the great Yeabsley (Devon player for 30 years) Geoff played his first cricket at Haberdashers Askes Elstree 1st XI from 1969 to 1971. At this stage he was regarded by Dougie as an opening bowler and batsmen. (So that's why Doug did not make County Cricket - no judgement).
He moved to York playing for Rowntress 2nd XI before going to Sheffield Polytechnic from 1975 to 1978. (Ed's disclaimer - this was before my time at the institution so I can take no responsibility for his early development) His cricketing progressed through the Norton League to the South Riding and, later his captaincy of the Sheffield teacher side with whom he played energetically for about five years. Since 1987 he graced the fields of Manderson CC and bowled out Pringle, the sweater magnate in 1989. Upon retirement from cricket he was presented with life membership of Scotland CC which entitles you to entry to any ground in Scotland for twice the fee apparently.
 Geoffrey's cricketing hall of fame reads like one long triumph - he did write it after all. Success in the Poly Cup and in 1979 his 102 for Richmond College is his only century but still talked about by just about no one but him. In 1984 7 for 11 burst to Sheffield Teachers probably make the Green'un newspaper but in case it didn't he just produces his own newspaper each Christmas to the delight of his friends.
 He was first selected for Yorkhull as a dartboard but when Rob tired of him and he was thrown into Robs discard cupboard (Alongside the magicians friend, torn cartilages, sarcasm, hair, bowling ability, Nigel Ogden, the young lad he run out at Congresbury and Richard Harper) he applied to be kit man in the rain against no opposition at all but narrowly got the post. Since that time Geoffrey has progressed in the side and was ordered by the skipper to bring more useful skills to the tour and so retrained as a masseur. He finally proved his worth and particularly given the state of health of our backs became essential to our existence until retirement.
 Geoffrey is a complex character whose good humour and bonhomie can be misinterpreted. Occasional altercations has not prevented him gaining an affectionate place in our collective memory. His cricket has often been useful and entertaining. Hiss fielding display at Chippenham, his run out of the guest at Midsummer Norton, his refusal to let David Senior bat at Neverfield and his ability to defuse tricky situations at Kendall are just a few of the memories.
 When asked why he played for Yorkhull he said it was 'a privilege, an education and a challenge'. His health consciousness is an inspiration to us all. Who would have thought that a healthy living lifestyle would combine vegetarianism with cigar smoking. Geoffrey is a one off. I rang Doug for the last word. His mental nurse was reluctant to let me speak to him at first but finally he came to the phone GEOFFREY SEAMAN I said, what's your view of him and his cricket? Silence fell in the search for superlatives. He asked a clarifying question. Was this the Seaman who played twice on Edgbaston test ground? Yes I replied and a further silence fell. A minute or so later the nurse came on the phone. I'm sorry he has wandered off down the corridor shouting 'gentlemen let's play cricket'. Geoffrey will always create an impact and we would not have it any other way, just do not let him choose the Indian Restaurant!

 Geoofrey's life was almost cut short when Rob used him for practice with darts. Once Rob tired of that he, conspired with Greg to deliver the definitive spoons game with such good effect, as illustrated by the right hand drawing.