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Yorkhull CC came into existence following an idea by its founder and skipper, Paul Senior who had studied at both York University (1971-75) and Hull University (1975-77). He wanted to tour with some of the best cricketers he had played with whilst at both universities. He set about inviting some of those players to tour and in August 1978 they set off on their first tour. (see South-west tour)


Top Left: Team Photo 1979

Upper Left: Aerial of The Heaves Hotel, Sedgwick, our spirtual home

Lower Left: Team against Bristol Bohemians 1980 with Rob recovering from gastroenteritus

Bottom: Yorkhull lads with George's tree 2014

Features of this website

This website is still under construction and will essentially be a look back at the brief but glorious history of this cricket club. As most of the players got old at about the same pace there was a natural end to proceedings. We toured for 19 years; six in the South-West and then twelve in the Lake District. By 1996 our legs could take no more. In 2003 we played a final game at the home of cricket at Hambledon. 

We are no longer available to tour unless it involves watching cricket which we do together every year as we seek to relive those years and re-interpret the cricketing past as our memories collide with the facts.

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Gentlemen, let's play cricket

"Cricket is a game full of forlorn hopes and sudden dramatic changes of fortune and its rules are so ill- defined that their interpretation is partly an ethical business." -- George Orwell

"For a long time we dreamed of a real leather ball, and at last my brother had one for his birthday. The feel of the leather, the stitching round it, the faint gold letters stamped upon it, the touch of the seam, the smell of it, all affected me so deeply that I still have that ache of beauty when I hold a cricket ball. ." -- Alison Uttley Carts and Candlesticks

Cricket remains for me the game of games, the sanspareil, the great metaphor, the best marriage ever devisedof mind and body┬ć For meit remainstheProust of pastimes, the subtlest and most poetic, the most past- and-present; whose beauty can lie equally in days, in a whole, or in one tiny phrase, a blinding split second.  --John Robert Fowles Quick Singles,'Vain Memories'. Quoted in Helen Exley Cricket Quotations (1992).